About us


Hubert Gebler
Year of construction 1973
married, 3 children
technician for mechanical engineering
trained aircraft mechanic
At home in the Allgäu

The minipilot maker

Sometimes it is quite simple:
Father of three curious children, mechanical engineer and airplane mechanic, hobby pilot and Allgäuer with a lot of room for ideas – what else can be created than a terrific airplane for children?

The starting point was the idea of an individual children’s vehicle, away from ordinary children’s scooters and low-quality toy cars.

With best conscience and great enthusiasm I may present you the latest generation of Pedal-Planes by minipilot.

Your Hubert Gebler

Perfect interaction

minipilot was founded in 2012 and was founded with headquarters in Marktoberdorf in the Allgäu region. When realizing the plane, the father heart wanted a stable, safe toy. The pilot heart wanted the plane to be based on original airplanes, the technician planned the plane qualitatively and statically according to all rules of engineering and the Allgäuer remained stoic and ambitious at work and invested months of time to have the minipilot as I imagined it.

After 10 months of planning and building many prototypes, I was able to get the first aircraft onto the airfield.
Since then, the models have been continuously refined, optimized, further developed.

Thrust in 3, 2, 1

Our minipilot airfields, which are booked for all kinds of events. For example, minipilot has already been a magnet for children and families at events organized by Porsche, the Dornier Museum, the Audi Used Car Center and at various airfield festivals. In addition, minipilot airports can even be found as a permanent attraction at airports, visitor parks and terraces in Munich (MUC), Stuttgart (STR) and Düsseldorf (DUS), among others.

Staying on the ground

As a native of the Allgäu, I grew up surrounded by beautiful nature and with the self-image of acting as ecologically sustainable as possible. Therefore, I have carefully selected and consciously chosen the materials used for the construction of the pedal planes. The ABS plastic used offers not only the best weather resistance and durability, but also complete recyclability. The welded powder-coated sheet steel frame of the aircraft is virtually indestructible and maintenance-free. If the worst comes to the worst, defective components can be ordered and replaced without further problems, as nothing is glued to the pedal planes (except the design sticker, of course).


I appreciate your interest in minipilot and our children’s pedal airplanes. If you have any questions about the products or the company or would like to make any other inquiry, I look forward to hearing from you.

For inquiries regarding events or other occasions where more clarification is needed, you can also reach me by phone at +49 (0) 8342 / 91 87 475.

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