Minipilot’s airplanes are  pedal planes for children from 3 – 8 years and the fantastic alternative to cars, tricycles, Kettcar & Co.
Made in Germany


Children want to explore the world, and they want to do so immediately and without limits. Just as quickly as they shoot up in height, their desires also grow.

The continuously height-adjustable landing gear therefore grows with them and always ensures the perfect ride height and effortless pedaling. The ball-bearing steering and the roller-bearing drive make the airplanes very smooth-running which enables them to do a lot of laps without much effort.


Boarding & Departure? Nothing easier than that. The steering of the aircraft works realistically with a control stick. It’s so simple that children understand the principle almost instantly and intuitively and take off at the first attempt.

The planes are suitable for children from 3 – 8 years or up to a weight of 25 kg.


All aircraft have been designed and constructed by a mechanical engineer (qualified aircraft mechanic) and father of three children. That should be almost enough to answer the question about quality, safety, stability and ride comfort.

Of course, the planes are also verified and tested by SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH according to Directive 2009/48/EC and DIN EN 71 .


You will immediately discover the joy in the eyes of children – other plus points are more hidden:

The airplane has a remarkable longevity due to an extremely stable metal structure as well as the flat-resistant tires made of polyurethane (PUR). The fuselage is made of the non-hazardous and PVC-free plastic ABS.
This UV-resistant and scratch-proof material is used, for example, in vehicle construction or for other toys. Since the hull is not painted, but through-colored, surface and scratches can be easily polished.