rent box

You would like to rent a minipilot plane for a weekend? Private or for a celebration. No problem.
Tell us in the order process, under order notes, just when you want to rent the plane.



Now your “little ones” (3-8 years) can test a weekend:

The minipilot plane is delivered for the weekend, Saturday and Sunday can be extensively turned lots of laps and after the weekend, the box is picked up by plane again.

And all for the fabulous complete price of only € 99, ​​-.

Including VAT
Including delivery
Including pickup

Only a few steps to final assembly are needed and you’re ready to go.

Fleet needed?
You have something bigger and need more planes? No problem at all: the minipilot planes are THE hit for birthday parties, events or events.

Upgrade compliant?
If you need a caregiver who manages the flight operations (air traffic controller and stewardess in personal union) and / or a complete minipilot airport (including ground markings, demarcations, etc. Precondition is a sufficiently large, paved and lockable area) additionally need to book these services easy.

Special request?
Do not hesitate to ask us for a special request. We have already lifted off-the-shelf ideas.

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